Lord Lamont: Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe should apologise for Lord Brittan and Lord Bramall cases

Posted On: 
8th February 2016

Former Tory chancellor Lord Lamont told the Today programme Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe should apologise for the investigations into allegations of child sex abuse against Lord Bramall and Lord Brittan.

When asked about deputy chief constable James Vaughan’s inquiry into the police’s handling of the investigation into Leon Brittan, he replied:

“I think the report was a fairly skimpy report; it’s only three pages long. The terms of reference seem to be even longer than the report. I think it’s very much concerned with process rather than the hard facts of the case. And I think the Brittan family will not be satisfied with this report. It’s one thing to say there is evidence but as you were hinting, that evidence has to be tested. What evidence was there that Lord Brittan has ever met, ever knew the woman who’s making the accusations? Did they test where the place where this assault was alleg...