David Lammy: I’m very pleased to lead review of race divide in sentencing

Posted On: 
31st January 2016

Appearing on Sky News, Labour MP David Lammy said he was very pleased to be working with David Cameron and Justice Secretary Michael Gove in investigating discrimination in court sentences, university places and the police force.

“I think it’s right that the Prime Minister should make this a national issue that we should all feel, whatever our political party, that we can engage in. He has actually raised the issues around universities before, I was Universities Minister and I put on the table that when you look at the statistics, when you look at the applications... there was a point a few years ago, where there were more young people with the surname Smith at Oxford than there were black students. We can do better. And in the same vein I’m very pleased to be looking at the evidence, speaking to our judges, speaking to our prison governors, speaking to parts of the community that find themselves in prison or in young offenders inst...