Damian Green: Stuart Rose is the right man to lead campaign for staying in the EU

Posted On: 
12th October 2015

Tory MP Damian Green told the BBCs Daily Politics former Marks and Spencer executive chairman Lord Rose is the right man to lead the Britain stronger in Europe campaign.

“Stuart is exactly the right man because he has said in the past he’s not a romantic Europhile, he’s never been in favour of Britain joining the Euro. And he said the European Union needs reform, all of which I absolutely agree with. But he has made as a hugely successful business person, the calculation that Britain is not just better off inside Europe but we have got a stronger voice in the world and we are a safer society because of the instincts of cooperation we have developed with 27 other friendly neighbouring democracies.”

Mr Green insisted Lord Rose will remain the head of the pro-EU campaign even if David Cameron fails to acquire significant reforms during his renegotiations with fellow EU...