Dal Babu: 'Prevent' strategy has become less and less trusted

Posted On: 
9th March 2015

Former senior police officer Dal Babu said the Prevent anti-extremism strategy had become less and less trusted by British Muslims.

"Prevent, when it was introduced I think was a good idea, it was about engaging with communities, making sure that communities were able to work with the police and other agencies to ensure that they had a good system for dealing with extremism but actually over the years it's become less and less trusted.

"So, we've had situations where cameras have been implemented without the community understanding...in Muslim areas, we've then had criticism from Liberty, we've had criticism from the Local Government Select Committee who have basically said they don't understand how you measure it and, as you said, a  huge amount of money has been spent on it at a time when we have limited resources I think we really ...