Sajid Javid: Govt will do more to crack down on online racism

Posted On: 
9th February 2015

Speaking to Sky News, Culture SecretarySajidJavidsaid he would take a close look at a call from MPsto ban people who make racist comments from social media sites.


“I’m very concerned about that and of course I’ve heard about this report today that’s come out which suggests there’s increased anti-Semitism online which is clearly unacceptable. We rightly have a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who preaches any kind of hate crime to any community and online hate crime is as unacceptable as any other forms of hate crime.

“So I think what this report shows today is that, despite the efforts over the last few years – increased use of filters, for example, both for public wifi and for people’s internet connections at home – there’s always more work to do. So I want to take a close look at that report and see what more can be done.”