Chris Bryant abandons Church of England over 'loveless' homosexuality stance

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15th January 2016

Shadow frontbencher Chris Bryant has quit the Church of England over the institution’s "infuriating" views on homosexuality.

Yesterday, leaders of the Church of England voted to block the US Episcopal church, which recognises gay relationships and same-sex marriage, from involvement in its decision making processes.

The Shadow Leader of the Commons condemned the move, arguing the Church of England's views would one day be looked upon as akin to supporting slavery.



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Former Anglican priest Mr Bryant announced on Twitter his decision to give up the church because of the “love-empty decision on sexuality”.

He later told the Guardian: “It’s infuriating. The Church of England voted against abolishing slavery, kept slaves when the slave trade had been abolished. It voted against the reform act. And now of course every sane member of the Church thinks that was nonsense and embarrassing.

“How embarrassing that the state-sponsored, state-subsidised, state-protected Church of England should be telling off the ECUSA.”

The Rhondda ​MP ceased being a priest in 1992 after six years of service.

“I maintained a boycott of the Church of England until they had women bishops and now they have gone back again,” he said.

“If they don’t want me, I don’t want them. I know where I’m not wanted.

"I’ve had messages and emails from people saying 'frankly you’re not wanted because you are gay', and these from people who reckon themselves to be Christian.”

Mr Bryant was the first person to ever hold a civil partnership service in the houses of parliament.