Senior salaries ‘up to £300,000’ in civil service recruitment bid

Posted On: 
6th January 2016

Skilled specialists are to be recruited into Government departments on six-figure salaries in a bid to improve Whitehall’s business nous.

The Times reports that Cabinet Office Minister Matthew Hancock is keen to introduce higher pay bands into the civil service so that it can entice skilled staff to join Whitehall.



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The paper says that the specialists will be offered salaries worth up to £300,000 a year.

The new recruits will be hired from IT, finance and other areas to help run large scale Whitehall projects, which previously have been outsourced to contractors.

At present, civil service salaries can rise to £200,000 for senior officials, while Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood currently takes home £195,000 per annum.

Mr Hancock is said to be adamant that the Government will struggle to lure top brass business minds without being able to offer higher salaries.

But the news of a recruitment surge in the civil service has prompted concerns from campaigners.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance urged ministers to consider the response from the public to the rumoured hefty salaries for new appointments.

“Taxpayers will be instinctively concerned about the recruitment of extra staff on new higher salary bands,” said TaxPayers’ Alliance chief executive, Jonathan Isaby.

“Ministers must be mindful of the need to keep a lid on unjustifiable, large pay packages.”

The Secretary of State for the department or the Treasury currently ratifies salaries above £149,000, but specialist salaries will reportedly be passed under the new changes.