Andy Burnham: I would cut police budgets by up to 10%

Posted On: 
30th September 2015

Andy Burnham is set to reject Labour's opposition to cuts in policing and announce he would be willing to slash 5% to 10% of budgets.

In a speech at Labour's annual conference today the Shadow Home Secretary will also drop Labour's aversion to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs).

Mr Burnham will argue it is possible “to protect most of what we've got” with police cuts of up to 10%, but that further savings would risk public safety.

The coalition government cut policing by 20%, with further savings of up to 40% to be proposed in the upcoming spending review.

At a fringe event yesterday, Mr Burnham outlined the “change of tone” he wanted to see in Labour's attitude towards PCCs.

“They are part of the policing landscape and are here to stay for the medium term. We should be supporting the excellent work being done by Labour PCCs,” he said.