Online sexist trolls putting a generation of women off politics - Yvette Cooper

Posted On: 
26th September 2015

Misogynistic online trolls risk discouraging a generation of women from entering politics, Yvette Cooper will warn.

The former shadow Home Secretary will say the party’s recent leadership election campaign was beset by “bullying and misogynistic” attacks that undermined the party’s commitment to equality.

She wants Jeremy Corbyn to commit to kicking out any Labour members found to have engaged in online abuse.

In a speech at the start of the party’s annual conference in Brighton, Ms Cooper will highlight the sexist abuse suffered by her, Liz Kendall and their supporters during the election campaign. 

“The scale of abuse directed at those who supported us will put women off joining the Labour Party,” she will say. “Unless misogyny on the internet is challenged, more women’s voices will be silenced, and more women will be oppressed or feel prevented from speaking out – just as if we’d gone back to the Victorian age.

“We must not stand on the sidelines as women’s voices are drowned out by hate.”