Cameron seeks 'full-spectrum response' to Tunisia attack

Posted On: 
29th June 2015

David Cameron has said Britain must become “more intolerant of intolerance” in the wake of the terror attack in Tunisia that is thought to have cost at least 30 Britons their lives.

The process of identifying the victims of the beach assault is still ongoing, but the current confirmed number of 18 is expected to rise significantly.

Writing in this morning’s Daily Telegraph, the Prime Minister said there needed to be a “full-spectrum response” encompassing action to address extremism at home, stronger powers for security services, working with countries like Tunisia to deter radicalism, and taking on the Islamic State ideology “at source” in places like Iraq and Syria.

“We must be stronger at standing up for our values - of peace, democracy, tolerance, freedom,” he said on the domestic response.  

“We must be more intolerant of intolerance - rejecting anyone whose views condone the Islamist extremist narrative and create the conditions for it to flourish.”

The Times reports that police, ambulance, soldiers and intelligence officials will take part in a training exercise this week to practice their response to a similar gun attack in the UK.