Former DPP 'not informed' of Lord Janner allegations

Posted On: 
18th April 2015

Former director of public prosecutions Lord Macdonald has said he was “never informed” of allegations of child abuse made against Labour peer Lord Janner.

Speaking on the Today programme he said the Crown Prosecution Service had failed to refer the case to him in 2007.

The QC added: “It was apparently a serious police investigation, and it should have been absolutely clear to the lawyers in Leicestershire that this case should have been sent to London.

"I would have undoubtedly taken a look at it personally, and would have undoubtedly myself have considered the question as to whether or not Lord Janner should be charged, and I very much regret that that didn't happen."



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Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that Lord Janner, who will not face trial over the allegations due to dementia, attended the House of Lords for four years after being diagnosed with the disease.

According to the newspaper, Westminster records show that he claimed expenses during that time of over £100,000 and only stopped attending Parliament after his house was raided in December 2013.