Abuse victims 'names published by MPs'

Posted On: 
29th January 2015

Victims of child sexual abuse have received death threats after their identities and personal details were published by the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Members of the child sexual abuse inquiry have written to the Home Secretary expressing their concern over the publication of documents online containing the names of four victims.

In a statement to the Home Secretary the group said: "It has exposed us as individuals, making us feel vulnerable, and is having a huge impact on our work."

The names and contact details have since been redacted from the site.

Theresa May has written to chair of the Committee Keith Vaz describing her “dismay” at the breach of privacy, Sky News reports.

The child sexual abuse inquiry is currently suspended and awaiting a new chair, after its two previous heads stepped down over alleged links to the establishment.

Ms May is due to announce a replacement before the end of the month.