Barrister rejects Ted Heath link to dropped criminal case

Posted On: 
6th August 2015

The barrister who dropped a criminal case where Sir Edward Heath was allegedly going to be named by the defence said his decision had nothing to do with the former prime minister.

Nigel Seed QC said he stopped the prosecution against Myra Forde, who was later convicted of controlling prostitutes, due to a lack of witnesses rather than because a claim of child abuse against Sir Edward would be exposed during her defence.

Mr Seed said: “The business about Edward Heath, well, nobody believed it at the time. She was a common criminal fighting to keep her liberty.

“I remember it well because I arrived at Winchester crown court and there were all these journalists. The police told me [they were there] because she was going to say that she provided male escorts for Ted Heath.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission, the policing watchdog, is investigating a claim that Wiltshire police backed off a prosecution when the suspect made allegations about Sir Edward.

Ms Forde has since denied that she was the person who made allegations against Sir Edward.

Five police forces – the Met, Wiltshire, Kent, Hampshire and Jersey – are conducting investigations into the former Conservative leader.