George Osborne to announce £100m to tackle homelessness

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16th March 2016
George Osborne will today announce extra funding to tackle the “unacceptable” growth in homelessness.

The Chancellor has set aside more than £100m on measures aimed at providing aid to people at risk of being forced on to Britain’s streets.

Mr Osborne will deliver his Budget later today, which will include £10m for homelessness prevention projects and details of funding to provide 2,000 accommodation places for those forced to sleep rough.


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“Homelessness is simply unacceptable in our day and age. I am absolutely committed to helping homeless people get back on their feet, into safe accommodation and obtain the skills they need to get on in life,” he said.

“I won’t stand by and see things going in the wrong direction – and we have a particular problem with rough sleepers in London. That’s why I am announcing a major new package of measures to help get a grip on this problem.”

According to reports, the Government is also considering whether to impose a new legal duty on councils to help people at risk of becoming homeless.

Figures released last week show that around 3,350 people slept rough on any one night in 2015, up by almost a third on the year before and double that seen in 2010.


The Times reports that treasury officials have reviewed plans to reduce capital gains tax to encourage people to sell their second homes.

According to the paper, officials have looked at plans to reduce the top rate from 28% to 20% and from 18% to 15% for basic rate taxpayers.

Mr Osborne is reportedly keen for a cut to capital gains tax after raising it while in Coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010.

A Treasury spokesman has declined to comment whether Mr Osborne was considering the measure in his Budget later today.