David Cameron postpones plans to scrap Human Rights Act - report

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12th March 2016
David Cameron will delay the British Bill of Rights until July because of fears that it will cause another EU referendum row in the Cabinet, The Sun reports.

The Government had originally planned to introduce the new Bill of Rights in the first Queen’s speech of the Parliament. Justice Secretary Michael Gove had drawn up proposals for the new law in October.

However, in December, Mr Gove announced that the proposals had been delayed until 2016. Now an unnamed government minister has told The Sun that the new law will be delayed even further because of uncertainties over how it can fit with current EU law. 



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Backbench Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat told the paper: “It is important we remove the Human Rights Act which has shaped judicial decisions in the past 15 years so much.

“The effect on military commanders on the battlefield has been alarming, hampering them at every level and they need our urgent help.”

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Government will be bringing forward proposals for a British Bill of Rights in due course.

“As we have previously made clear, there will be a consultation before we present a Bill to Parliament.”