Sadiq Khan: Poisonous atmosphere in recent political debate could lead to hateful behaviour

Posted On: 
19th June 2016

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan voiced his fears on the BBC's Sunday Politics that the "poisonous atmosphere" of political debate in recent weeks could lead to hateful behaviour.

"The vast, vast, vast majority of the British public are decent, law abiding, they are lovely. And we must be tested, it's right you hold us to account, we love debating - dare I say it arguing. It's the tone that is important. And I am concerned that in the recent weeks and months the tone is one where it encourages an environment of hatred. It is a poisonous atmosphere and I worry if that could inadvertently lead to people being encouraged or incited to behave in a hateful way."

He said he had been in contact with the police about security since Jo Cox's death and that officers would be reaching out to MPs.

"We have been in touch about the incident since Jo's death, yes. There are lots of things the police are doing and t...