Michael Howard on Sky: How on Earth can Theresa May conclude EU makes UK safer?

Posted On: 
25th April 2016

Former home secretary and Conservative leader Lord Howard told Sky News he could not understand how Theresa May reached the conclusion that membership of the European Union made Britain safer. 

“I honestly don’t understand how the Home Secretary can say that. She must know perfectly well that the European Court of Justice has prevented her from denying entry to this country to someone we suspected of being involved in terrorism. How on Earth does that make us more safe? Yesterday we had what I’m afraid was the humiliating spectacle of the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom admitting that immigration is too high but that there is very little she could do about it. And she was, of course, telling the truth because as long as we remain members of the European Union there is very little she can do about it.

“I don’t know of any self-respecting, self-governing democracy that would say ‘we can’t decide an issue...