Ruth Davidson attacks Boris Johnson and Andrea Leadsom in latest blue-on-blue attacks

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22nd June 2016

Ruth Davidson launched a furious attack on the "lies" of two of her Tory colleagues last night as the party's splits on Europe burst into the open yet again.

Ruth Davidson went on the attack in last night's TV debate

The Scottish Tory leader went on the attack during the BBC's live referendum debate from Wembley.

Standing alongside London mayor Sadiq Khan and TUC boss Frances O'Grady, Ms Davidson accused Leave of telling "untruths" on Turkey, an EU army and the amount of EU legislation which affects the UK.

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At one point, she said: "It's not the Boris show .... Boris can you name me one country in the world that has said it would give us a better deal if we come out of the EU?"

In response to Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom's claim that the EU makes 60% of Britain's laws, Ms Davidson hit back: "I can’t let it stand that you tell a blatant untruth in the middle of a debate days before a vote. According to the independent House of Commons library, the number is 13%."

Addressing the 6,000-strong audience at the end of the debate, Ms Davidson said: "You're being asked to make a decision that's irreversible. We can't change it, we wake up on Friday and we don't like it, and we're being sold it on a lie because they lied about the cost of Europe.

"They lied about Turkey's entrance to Europe, they lied about the European army because we've got a veto for that - they put that in their leaflets and they've lied about this here tonight too and it's not good enough. You deserve the truth."

However, Mr Johnson hit back by accusing Remain of peddling more "Project Fear" and delivered a rousing plea for voters to back Brexit tomorrow.

"If we vote Leave we can take back control of our borders and huge sums of money, £10bn a year net, our tax-raising powers, our trade policies and of our whole law-making decision - democracy, that is the foundation of our prosperity," he said.

"“And if we stand up for democracy we will be speaking up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who agree with us but who currently have no voice.

"If we vote Leave and take back control I believe that this Thursday can be our country's independence day.”

The clashes came just hours after it was reported that Ms Davidson would consider breaking the Scottish Tories away from the UK party if Mr Johnson became leader.