Michael Gove's wife reveals concerns about Boris Johnson's Tory leadership bid

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29th June 2016

Michael Gove’s wife has revealed her concerns about Boris Johnson's ability to convince Tory members he should be their new leader.

Sarah Vine and Michael Gove
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A leaked mail from Sarah Vine to her husband also shows her urging him to get “specific assurances” from Mr Johnson before he formally endorses his leadership bid.

The message was accidentally sent to a member of the public as well, who passed it on to Sky News.

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Ms Vine wrote: “Very important that we focus on the individual obstacles and thoroughly overcome them before moving to the next. I really think Michael needs to have a Henry or a Beth (Mr Gove's media advisers) with him for this morning's crucial meetings.

"One simple message: You MUST have SPECIFIC assurances from Boris OTHERWISE you cannot guarantee your support. The details can be worked out later on, but without that you have no leverage.

The email, passed on to Sky News, also suggests that Mr Gove is key to Mr Johnson getting the backing of The Sun and the Daily Mail.

It says: "Crucially, the membership will not have the necessary reassurance to back Boris, neither will (Daily Mail editor Paul) Dacre/(Rupert) Murdoch, who instinctively dislike Boris but trust your ability enough to support a Boris Gove ticket.

"Do not concede any ground. Be your stubborn best.


Boris Johnson will officially launch his leadership bid tomorrow morning.

A spokesman for Mr Gove told Sky News: "We don't comment on private email exchanges or conversations."