Tory backbencher brands David Cameron and George Osborne 'liars and bullies'

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5th June 2016

David Cameron and George Osborne have "bullied" and "lied" to the public over the EU, according to one of their own backbench MPs.

Nadine Dorries argued the Prime Minister and Chancellor had acted like "a pair of school bullies"
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In a further sign of turmoil in the Conservative party, Nadine Dorries, who backs a British exit from the bloc, argued its two most senior figures had “treated the British public like idiots”.

Her astonishing comments follow her revelation last week that she had already called for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

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Eurosceptic Tories have been angered by the Remain campaign tactics of Britain Stronger in Europe which seeks to paint an increasingly grim picture of Brexit.

Top Tory Leave campaigners Michael Gove and Boris Johnson accused Mr Cameron in a letter today of deceiving the public with his claims on the economy.

Ms Dorries backed the pair and argued the letter showed the Tory bigwigs had “reached the end of their tether on the lies”.

“When you are the Prime Minister and George Osborne you have a responsibility to respect the public and you have a responsibility holding the highest office to tell the truth,” she told Sky News' Murnaghan show.

“And the big sadness of the Remain campaign is that David Cameron and George Osborne have consistently and repeatedly lied to the British public and they have treated the British public like idiots – almost like a pair of school bullies.”

The Mid Bedfordshire MP added: "When as a Prime Minister, in a completely unedifying way, you have bullied the public and lied to the public and broken their trust, how do they trust you as a Prime Minister going forward?"


Ms Dorries also suggested policies put forward by the Leave campaign for a post-Brexit Britain would have to be implemented by a new government of Out campaigners.

Vote Leave has this week suggested the UK should adopt an Australian-style points system over immigration, scrap EU-imposed VAT on energy and hand the NHS more cash.

Ms Dorries asked: “If Brexit wins, if we do leave the European Union, how does the Prime Minister, who has both criticised those policies and campaigned against them, introduce them when people have campaigned for Brexit on the basis of those promises?"

But she was swiftly slapped down by fellow Leave campaigner and Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom, who insisted the proposals were simply “options”.

“That is not a manifesto and is certainly not policy commitments and is definitely not an alternative government,” she told the same show.