WATCH: Tory supporters release Hindi song about Theresa May in bid to win over Indian voters

Posted On: 
29th May 2017

A Tory members’ group have released a song and accompanying video about Theresa May in an attempt to win over voters of Indian origin in the UK.

The track's video shows the Prime Minister on visits to India
Conservative Friends of India/YouTube

The upbeat Hindi track, “Theresa Ke Saath”, which translates as “Together with Theresa” was composed especially for the election campaign by Conservative Friends of India.

The video which accompanies the song shows a compilation of the Prime Minister’s past visits to the country, including meetings with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alongside events with the Indian community in Britain.

Lyrics to the song, when translated in to English include “Thank you, friends grateful for your support” and “let’s join hands with Theresa May, for a Strong Stable government”.

The group, who previously produced a video to promote David Cameron, say the song is an attempt “to promote connectivity with the 1.6 million British Indians”.

“Theresa May wants to build strong trade partnership with India and engage actively with the British Indian Community,” they add.

The chairman of the Conservative Friends of India told the Telegraph: “Given the importance of social media, we very much hope that this short video will reach many British Indians and help persuade them to vote for Theresa May and the Conservatives on June 8.”

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