LISTEN: George Osborne mocks Cameron, May and Gove in 'speech of his career'

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3rd November 2016

As he tries to work out what on earth he should do with the rest of his life after his political career imploded, maybe George Osborne has stumbled upon a new career ... as a comedian.

"So Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davs walk into a bar ..."
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The former chancellor had them rolling in the aisles at last night's Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards, where he was handing out the prizes.

No one was spared Osbo's sharp tongue during a nine-minute speech which poked fun at David Cameron, Michael Gove, Theresa May - and even himself.

Have you heard the one about the funny Chancellor?

George Osborne makes a Star Wars joke. Then does it again.

"When I read the Spectator front cover on the eve of the referendum, I thought it was advice on how to vote: 'Out and into the world'. But it turned out to be career advice to me," he joked.

"Normally these awards are presented by last year's winner of politician of the year - Davd Cameron. So it's another example of how he's disappeared and left me holding the baby."

On his brutal sacking, he added: "Later, when I'm giving out the awards, there won't be much time for chit-chat - a bit like when Theresa and I last spoke."

There's loads more where that came from. So make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and listen to the speech in all its glory.