Former Theresa May aide hits back at George Osborne over claims he wants her 'chopped up in his freezer'

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13th September 2017

A former top aide to Theresa May has hit back at George Osborne over claims he has told friends he want the Prime Minister "chopped up in bags in [his] freezer".

Theresa May and George Osborne in happier times
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The Evening Standard editor reportedly made the extraordinary comments to “more than one person”, according to a profile in Esquire magazine.

Nick Timothy - who quit as Mrs May's joint-chief of staff after the general election - tweeted a series of quotes from the lengthy article and then made a seemingly sarcastic comment about Mr Osborne's apparent desire not to be seen as "an a***hole". 

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Mr Osborne has been a prominent critic of the Prime Minister - who sacked him when she entered Downing Street last summer - since taking up his role at the Standard in May.

An editorial in the paper described the Tory commitment to reduce migration to the tens of thousands as “economically illiterate”, insisting no-one else in the Cabinet agrees with it.

Appearing on ITV on the night of the general election, he described Mrs May as a “dead woman walking” after the exit poll showed she would lose her Commons majority.

Just last week, he accused the Prime Minister of using "false information" to justify her crackdown on foreign students who overstay their visas.

And last month, another Standard editorial likened Theresa May’s premiership to a “second rate horror film” after she insisted she will lead the Conservatives into the next election.

When asked about the freezer comments, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “The contents of the former chancellor’s freezer are not a matter for me.”