Liam Fox: I can heal the divisions in the Tory party

Posted On: 
30th June 2016

Liam Fox told Sky News he could be the candidate to unify the Conservative party after a divisive referendum campaign.

“I think that we’ve just been through quite a traumatic period in our referendum and I think we need to try to heal the divisions on that and I think I can do that having been on the Leave side of that equation but having many friends on the other side who were in the Remain camp and all through that referendum I urged people to be civil and courteous to one another which I think is the tone we should also adopt, incidentally, in the leadership campaign.

He argued his experience made him suited for the leadership.

“I think that it’s about the future not the past, but on the past I think it’s a question also of wider background. I’ve also served in the Foreign Office at a time when we’re going to have to nego...