Ruth Davidson: SNP trying to start new ‘fratricidal conflict’

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1st February 2017

Scotland should not become the next “focal point for global instability” by holding a new independence referendum, according to Scots Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

Ruth Davidson has accused the SNP of "bullying" tactics
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The MSP said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s attempts to launch a fresh bid for independence after Brexit would leave Scotland in the same bracket as “post-Trump America and pre-election France”.

During a speech in Edinburgh, she said: “Most people do not want our departure from the EU to trigger another referendum.

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“People do not want Brexit used to start another fratricidal conflict. I do not want Scotland to join post-Trump America and pre-election France as this year’s focal point for global instability.”

She added that unfavourable polls for the Nationalists, which suggest a majority of Scots are against a rerun of the 2014 vote, had led to the “language of the bully pulpit”.

“Having failed to persuade people of the necessity of another referendum, the SNP is now hoping to soften us up by telling us we’ll just have to accept it," she said.

Ms Davidson added: "It is the language of the bully pulpit. It doesn’t speak of a party confident of its case.

"It smacks of desperation – and I urge the SNP to take a different path. Or to put it another way – when you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

An SNP spokesperson said Ms Davidson’s intervention suggested she had been “rattled”.

“The Tories have completely lost the plot – and Ruth Davidson’s use of inflammatory language by comparing legitimate political debate as 'fratricidal conflict' just shows how rattled she is,” the spokesperson said.

“And no wonder, given her role as apologist in chief for right-wing Westminster Tories who now think they can do anything they want to Scotland and get away with it.”