Ruth Davidson: UK is reassessing America's reliability after Donald Trump victory

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16th February 2017

Britain is having to re-think how "reliable an ally the United States is" following Donald Trump's election win, according to Ruth Davidson.

Ruth Davidson has launched a bitter attack on Donald Trump.
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In comments which appear to put her at odds with Theresa May, the Scottish Tory leader claimed the president's performance in the role so far had come as "a massive, massive shock".

Ms Davidson questioned the UK’s ongoing relationship with America in an interview at The New York Times’s Women in the World event in Washington DC yesterday.

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She said: "At the moment, from the UK, we’ve always seen America as being a very strong, a very reliable ally and now, even after only 26 days, or however long the tenure has been so far, in Pennsylvania Avenue, we are beginning to reassess how reliable an ally the United States is.

"And that’s a huge change in Europe. That’s a massive, massive shock."

In a clear criticism of President Trump’s fractious relationship with journalists, Ms Davidson also suggested that politicians demonising the media should “worry us all”.

“We have to be very careful about popular nationalists, populist strongmen, part demagogues, using a lot of their political capital at the beginning of their journey to delegitimise public scrutiny, which is what demonising the media does,” she said.

“And I think that if we learn our lessons from history, there is a very strategic reason why you’d do that, and I think that should worry us all.”

Her remarks are in stark contrast to those of the Prime Minister, who has been keen to foster close relations with President Trump since he entered the White House.

In a Valentine's Day phone call between the pair, Mrs May said she "looks forward" to welcoming him to Britain for his state visit this summer.