Five top Tories who warned Labour would 'clobber' working people with National Insurance rise

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8th March 2017

Philip Hammond was today accused of breaking a Tory manifesto pledge when he announced National Insurance Contributions would rise for the self-employed... My, how the tables have turned.

The old classic - a political attack poster comes back to bite a party in the ass
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Just two years ago senior Tories were dragging Ed Miliband through a hedge with warnings Labour would increase NIC after the May 2015 election.

Here are just five of the top figures who were dead against Hammond's latest wheeze...



The PM gave Mr Miliband a tough time at Prime Minister's Questions saying he would "clobber" working people with an NIC hike.




Now culture minister, Matt Hancock warned an NIC rise from Labour would "risk the economy".




Home Office minister Brandon Lewis shared a Tory attack poster warning "people on middle incomes" would be hit by an NIC rise.




Justice secretary at the time Chris Grayling insisted Labour's "favourite stealth tax" would "be risking jobs all over again".

“There seems to be a naive view in the Labour Party that you can just put up taxes and there are no consequences. They don’t seem to understand the basic maths, that if you make it more expensive to employ people, then fewer people will end up in ­employment. After four years where our long-term economic plan has brought down unemployment substantially and there are more people in work than ever before, it would be the height of folly to put a new tax on jobs.

“Increasing national insurance contributions was Labour’s favourite stealth tax when they were last in power and both Ed Balls and Ed Miliband were advisers in Treasury at the time of the last hike. If they had their way, they would be risking jobs all over again with this planned £4.7billion tax rise on ­employers, with the knock on cost of £165 for every person they employ in Britain.”



Now a whip, Julian Smith pleased his seniors by going on the attack on Miliband when he was but a mere backbencher. 

"Does the right hon. Gentleman rule out a jobs tax on workers in my constituency should he get into power?" he asked way back in 2014 - early to the party.



And just for good measure, here are a selection of the many Conservative Press Office tweets slamming the idea.