WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn appears to call Theresa May a ‘stupid woman’ following Commons clash

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19th December 2018

Jeremy Corbyn has been branded a “reactionary misogynist” after appearing to call Theresa May a “stupid woman” following a fiery Commons clash.

Jeremy Corbyn appeared to call Theresa May a 'stupid woman' following a heated Commons exchange

The Labour leader appeared to mouth the phrase after the pair exchanged blows over Brexit during Prime Minister’s Questions this afternoon.

But a spokesperson for the Labour leader insisted he had said "stupid people" and insisted Mr Corbyn has "no time for misogynistic abuse".

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It came just minutes after the Leader of the Opposition wished every MP a happy Christmas. 

Senior Tories reacted angrily to the footage with Health Secretary Matt Hancock tweeting: “The mask slips. Jeremy Corbyn’s abuse of the Prime Minister shows what a reactionary misogynist he is."

Conservative party vice chair James Cleverly shared the video, saying it was clear that the Labour leader had used the sexist slur.

“This kind of misogynistic language must not be tolerated,” he blasted, while others joined the row on Twitter.

Tory former chair Patrick McLoughlin demanded Mr Corbyn return to the Commons to issue a full apology, saying his words were "quite clearly visible".

"Would it not be appropriate for him to come back in the chamber and apologise?" he asked the Speaker John Bercow during a point of order. 

Mr Bercow said he could not issue an assessment about something he did not see or hear - however after pressure from MPs he said he would watch the video and issue a verdict later.

He added that Mr Corbyn should return to the Commons to hear the verdict, and that an apology would be appreciated if he did indeed say "stupid woman".

But a spokesman for Mr Corbyn said: "He did not call her a stupid woman so there’s no basis for an apology. He said stupid people...

“Lip-reading in such circumstances is always open to doubt. He is adamant that he did not say that. He has no time for any misogynistic abuse of any kind.”