Downing St: Theresa May has no plans to publish her tax return

Posted On: 
6th March 2017

Theresa May has “no further plans” to publish her tax returns, Downing Street said this morning. 

Downing St said there was no 'longstanding convention' about leaders publishing their tax return

The Prime Minister released a summary of her earnings last July as part of her Tory leadership bid, but Number 10 indicated she would not be doing so again.

A spokesman argued there was no “longstanding convention” requiring her to do so.

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It comes after Jeremy Corbyn published his own return – but there was confusion about his earnings as leader of the opposition. 

According to the return, his “payment from all employments” was £77,019. But once his MP's salary and wage for being leader of the opposition from September 2015 onwards is added together, that amount should have been approximately £100,000.

Aides to the Labour leader were initially unable to explain the apparent discrepancy, insisting the tax return “was prepared by a firm of professional accountants who were supplied with the relevant information”.

But in a statement finally published after midnight, Labour said £27,192 listed under “other pensions and annuities” as “public office” on his form is his income for being leader of the opposition.

It is the second year running Mr Corbyn has had problems with his taxes, after admitting he failed to declare pensions income in last year's return.


At a briefing this morning, Mrs May's spokesman made clear that although she had published her return last summer, she did not intend to do so again.

“The Prime Minister published her tax return in July as part of the Conservative leadership process and there's no commitment then and there's no sot of long-standing convention to publish and no current plans to do so. 

“You saw it in July, there are no further plans for the moment.”


Yesterday Chancellor Philip Hammond made clear he had “no intention” of publishing his own return.

“Just for the record my tax affairs are all perfectly regular and up to date,” he told the Andrew Marr Show.

“But this demonstration politics isn’t helping to create a better atmosphere in British politics.”