Theresa May will try to shift focus from 'dementia tax' with Jeremy Corbyn attack speech in Wales

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22nd May 2017

Theresa May will seek to turn the focus of the election campaign away from her plans to shake up the way people pay for social care when she launches the Welsh Tory manifesto today.

Theresa May will warn against allowing Jeremy Corbyn to conduct Brexit talks
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The Prime Minister will say the impending negotiations over Brexit will mean a new government would have no time to bed in and “find its way” before talks with the European Union start on 19 June.

The Conservative campaign has been dominated by questions over its plans for social care since Thursday’s UK-wide manifesto launch.

Top Tory Damian Green rules out U-turn on social care proposals

Jeremy Corbyn claims Theresa May's social care plan is a 'tax on dementia'

Sir Andrew Dilnot says Theresa May has 'missed an open goal' over social care shake-up

The Labour party has been closing on the Tories in the polls, with another survey this morning placing the Conservative lead down to nine points.

Critics of the social care shake-up have branded it a “dementia tax”, and the Financial Times reports this morning that many Cabinet ministers were not informed of the policy plans

“It wasn’t really run by anyone outside the inner circle,” an unnamed senior Tory told the paper.

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green insisted yesterday there would be no U-turn on the proposals, which would see the value of people’s homes be used to pay for their home-based care for the first time.

Mrs May will attempt to change the subject with a speech in Wales, which voted to leave in last June’s referendum, warning about the “dire” consequences of Jeremy Corbyn leading the Brexit negotiations.  

“There will be no time to waste and no time for a new government to find its way, so the stakes in this election are high,” she will say.  

“It is your choice, your decision. Every vote for me and my team in this election will be a vote to strengthen my hand in the negotiations to come. Every vote for any other party – Labour, the Liberal Democrats or Plaid Cymru – is a vote to send Jeremy Corbyn into the negotiating chamber on our behalf.

“That is the stark reality of the choice that we face – the choice we must focus on over the next 17 days. Because our future prosperity depends on getting the next five years right.

“That is why we need someone representing Britain who is 100% committed to the cause. Not someone who is uncertain or unsure, but someone utterly determined to deliver the democratic will of the British people.”

The Conservative leader will also accuse the Labour party of having “taken people in Wales for granted for decades”, therefore being responsible for the “emerging gulf” between public and politicians.