Tory lead over Labour down to just three points in new poll

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1st June 2017

The general election battle is growing ever tighter, with the Conservative lead over Labour down to just three points, according to a new poll.

Theresa May's personal lead over Jeremy Corbyn has also dropped to 13 points, compared with 17 points at the end of last week
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The Tories are down one point to 42% while Labour is up three to 39% - the party's highest rating since February 2014 - according to the YouGov survey for the Times.

When Theresa May called the general election YouGov put the Tory lead at 24%, but as well as a slight dip for the party Jeremy Corbyn has been taking support from the smaller parties.

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But YouGov is the only pollster suggesting the gap between the parties is so narrow.. 

The latest poll for Survation puts the Tories six points in the lead, while Kantar put them 10 points ahead, ICM and ComRes  12 points and Panelbase 15.

The variation depends on the number of people each pollster expects to turn out and vote on 8 June, with higher turnouts - particularly among young people - favouring Labour. 

In the latest YouGov poll Mrs May's personal lead over Mr Corbyn has dropped to 13 points, compared with 17 points at the end of last week.

Some 43% of respondents said they wanted the Prime Minister to carry on in the job, while 30% said they wanted the Labour leader to take over.

A separate analysis by YouGov published yesterday said Britain was heading for a hung parliament as the Conservatives lose their majority and Labour enjoys a surge of support.

It put the Tories on course to win 310 seats - down from the 330 they held when the election was called, and 16 short of an overall majority.

Labour, on the other hand, would see their number of MPs jump from 229 to 257, with the Lib Dems up one to 10, the SNP down four to 50, and the Greens staying on one.

The poll is based on 50,000 interviews with voters over the past week.