Ed Miliband goes on Question Time, gets called 'David' twice

Posted On: 
27th May 2016

Ed Miliband's return to your TV screens will have brought back happy memories.

Ed Miliband appears on BBC Question Time
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He boldly took to the Question Time stage for the first time since he – quite literally – tripped up in last year’s general election campaign.

Of course, a lot has changed for Ed in the last 12 months: he’s now a backbencher, the whole Milifandom thing has abated a bit, and he hasn’t been seen near a big stone slab for a little while.

One thing that has not changed is his inability to stop people confusing him for his brother.

Fellow panellist Dreda Say Mitchell was the culprit this time.

First, she asked: “Are you saying, David?”

He dealt with it with the grace and humour, almost as if it had happened before.

“Ed actually... My mum makes the same mistake.”

Later in the show, Mitchell again was involved in a heated debate with Ed, and said:  

“No, David – Ed. Sorry.”

Plus ca change...