Gordon Brown issues pro-EU rallying cry to Labour voters

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21st May 2016

Gordon Brown will today issue a rallying cry to millions of Labour voters, urging them to back Remain in the EU referendum rather than “remaining at home”.

Gordon Brown will argue Britain can help "lead in the world" by remaining in the European Union
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In a fresh intervention ahead of the 23 June vote, the former Prime Minister will argue being part of Europe can deliver “positive, practical and progressive benefits” for Britain over the next decade.

Among them are 500,000 jobs created by the single market and more than €40bn in infrastructure funds to help Britain’s ailing steel industry, the Labour grandee will tell the Fabian Society summer conference in London.

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“Today I am speaking directly to the UK’s nine million plus Labour voters and the 15 million voters who would not vote Conservative,” Mr Brown will say to the 500-strong audience.

“...many of whom feel economically insecure, think the status quo does not work for them and believe they have lost out from wave after crushing wave of global economic restructuring."

Mr Brown will specifically target younger voters, citing evidence that Labour supporters aged 18-30 want to stay in the bloc by a margin of four to one, but as many as half may not vote.

He will argue the European Union offers lower energy bills, enhanced security, a crack-down on tax havens and improved working rights.

“My message to young people is that Europe still is, and is more than ever, the future for jobs, environmental sustainability and fairness,” Mr Brown will declare. 

“My message to mothers, worried about their children's future, is that the biggest job creator of the next decade will be Europe's single market. 

“My message to those who feel globalisation is like an out of control runaway train is that only through co-operation – starting with the European Union – can we manage global change in an interdependent world in the public interest.”

He will conclude: “This shows why the future is not ‘Britain leaving Europe to join the world’, as Brexit supporters say, but joining with the rest of Europe to lead in the world.”

In a string of pro-EU interventions Mr Brown has already said it would not be British to leave the EU and that he would be happy to debate Brexit bigwig Boris Johnson.