John Prescott: It's a pity Labour leadership cannot communicate like Gordon Brown

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13th May 2017

Labour grandee John Prescott today lamented that the current leadership of the party is struggling to communicate its message - despite his own son playing a key comms role.

John Prescott's son David still works on messaging for the Shadow Cabinet team
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The ex-deputy prime minister said it was “a pity” Labour was unable to put its stance across the way Gordon Brown did this morning in a ferocious speech in Fife, Scotland.

But until the end of March this year his son David Prescott served as Mr Corbyn’s speech writer - and he still works in the leadership team on Shadow Cabinet messaging.

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This morning former prime minister Mr Brown urged voters to elect Labour MPs to parliament at the 8 June vote so they could hold the Government to account.

He slammed the Conservative record on poverty and said Theresa May will “leave us more economically divided and socially polarised than any prime minister in living memory”.

Speaking after the address, Mr Prescott thanked the Labour bigwig and added: “Your contributions you’ve shown tonight is better than anyone else can present it.

“And it’s a pity we don’t present the message as Gordon is presenting it now. That is critical for us.”

PoliticsHome revealed in March that David Prescott was removed as Mr Corbyn’s speechwriter barely three months after taking up the role.

Sources close to Mr Corbyn said he "failed to find Jeremy's voice".