Momentum Hackney - winning the election one £10 bet at a time

Posted On: 
20th April 2017

The polls might be against Jeremy Corbyn, but his supporters in east London have a cunning plan...

Jeremy Corbyn beaming after his rally today

Jeremy Corbyn declared this morning that Labour was "stronger than ever" as he launched forcefully into the general election campaign. 

It was a pronouncement that seemed at odds with reality, given the latest national polls put Labour a startling 24 points behind the Tories.

But perhaps Corbyn knew something we did not. 

For in his Hackney heartlands, Momentum have cooked up an ingenious scheme to boost JC's chances of resurrection. 

The latest entry on the group's website recounts details of a pre-campaign meeting earlier this week.

Along with the general stuff about saving the NHS, nationalising the railways and making Britain an altogether better place were some ideas on campaign tactics, including this golden nugget:

"The odds against Labour, but if enough of us bet a tenner on Labour to get the most seats or Corbyn to be the next PM, the odds will shorten and the narrative will begin to change."

Taking on board this excellent piece of betting advice, Dot has just spunked her life's savings on Sunderland staying in the Premier League - after all, what's a double-digit points deficit against the power of gambling?