Support for Jeremy Corbyn to be next Prime Minister hits new low of 14%

Posted On: 
6th January 2017

Barely one in seven voters think Jeremy Corbyn should be Prime Minister, according to a new poll which revealed that support for the Labour leader has hit a new low.

Just 14% of voters believe Jeremy Corbyn would make the best Prime Minister
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The YouGov survey showed that just 14% believe he would make the best UK leader, compared to 47% for Theresa May. Some 39% said they don't know.

Mr Corbyn's ratings have steadily declined from 18% in November and 16% in December.

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The grim findings even led to one of Mr Corbyn's most high-profile supporters to question his political strategy.

However, there was some better news for Labour in the poll, which showed the party had closed the gap on the Conservatives to 13 points.

Support for the Tories is at 39%, unchanged from last month, while support for Labour has gone up by two points to 26%. Ukip are third on 14%, followed by the Lib Dems on 10%.

Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti recently played down the significance of opinion polls, which she said had failed to predict Brexit or Donald Trump's victory.

Speaking at the Oxford Union in November, she said: "I think it’s a very polarised world, and people that base their values on polls are mistaken, and people that base their predictions on polls it would seem are also mistaken.

"If we trusted polls we would not be about to leave the European Union, and Mr Trump would not be about to enter the White House.

"But in the end, it’s values, not polls for me. I’ve joined a Labour party that is a pro-human rights Labour party, and not an authoritarian Labour party. I have affiliated at a time when racism, misogyny, hate crime, division, inequality, so many things that are bad in the world are on the rise.

"And I’m extremely comfortable with my choice, because people are suffering but they’re being offered the wrong antidote. And so some people want to divide and rule, and other people want to unite and govern. I’m happy to lend a hand in that project."