WATCH Angry Jeremy Corbyn says media are 'obsessed' with his leadership

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4th April 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has blasted the media for its “utter obsession” with his leadership in an angry outburst during a TV interview.

Jeremy Corbyn became visibly annoyed in an ITV interview today
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The Labour leader insisted he was heading up a “strong opposition” but the press could not be “bothered to report what we are doing”.

Mr Corbyn’s leadership has come under close scrutiny ever since he took over the party in September 2015.

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Labour MPs have been unhappy with his performance and the party has plummeted in the polls, but Mr Corbyn retains strong support from the grassroots membership.

In an interview with ITV following the launch of Labour's local election campaign, Mr Corbyn furiously interrupted a question as to whether he should stand aside, saying: "You're obsessed with this question, utterly obsessed with it."

He added: "We have a strong opposition in this country if you bothered to report what we were doing.”

And he fumed: "If you bothered to report what [Health Secretary] Jon Ashworth is doing on the health service, if you bothered to report what [Shadow Education Secretary] Angela Rayner is doing and saying on schools, if you bothered to report what the Labour Party is actually saying.

"It's your responsibility to make sure the opposition voice is heard as well as the Government's voice. It's your failings."

At the election campaign launch, Mr Corbyn said Labour's focus would be on social care funding, housing and education ahead of the 4 May poll.

He pledged investment for council housing, promotion for low-start mortgages for younger people and more funding for cash-strapped schools.

He said the Government was "running our country down in every way" and that only Labour can protect communities.

"This election is your chance to send a message to the Tories: that you won’t accept our NHS in crisis, your children’s future betrayed, a deepening housing crisis, damaging cuts to the police and insecure jobs that don’t make ends meet," he declared.

"It doesn’t have to be like this. Things can, and they will, change."

But a report published yesterday said Labour is on course to lose 125 seats at the local elections and suffer a "cataclysmic" defeat in Scotland.

It follows a separate analysis the day before suggesting Labour could lose as many as 50 seats, with the Tories taking 50 more and the Lib Dems gaining 100.

And John Curtice, Britain’s most respected polling expert, warned today that Labour could lose the West Midlands mayoralty election on the same day.

He told PoliticsHome if Labour did miss out to the Tories in the race it would spell “deep political trouble” for the party.