Labour 'plotting hung parliament deal' with Lib Dems and SNP to kick Theresa May out of Downing Street

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21st April 2017

Labour is mulling an electoral pact with the other opposition parties that could see Jeremy Corbyn installed as Prime Minister after the election, it has been claimed.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out forming a coalition government
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A senior campaign source told the Daily Mirror that Labour was willing to "cut a deal" with the SNP, Lib Dems and Greens if there is a hung parliament.

But the Tories said such a “coalition of chaos and instability” would threaten Brexit negotiations and the economy.

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Mr Corbyn insisted earlier this week that he would not enter into a formal coalition with the SNP if the Tories fail to get a majority.

A party source told the Mirror: "Our number one goal is to deny the Tories a majority, and that is not beyond the realms of imagination.

“If we can take say 40 seats off them - and we’re only talking overturning small majorities - then we can be somewhere near parity.

“And if the Lib Dems do well too, the Tories will be out of government. Who is going to be able to cut a deal (with the other parties) over Brexit , us or them?”

An official spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn told the Mirror: “We are fighting to win every seat in this election to form the next Government.”

But Tory MP Maria Caulfield said: We’ve now heard the truth from Jeremy Corbyn’s own campaign team: they are getting ready to form a coalition of chaos and instability that would disrupt our Brexit negotiations and put our growing economy at risk.

“Only a vote for the Conservatives on 8 June can secure the strong and stable leadership that the United Kingdom needs to see us through Brexit and beyond; to lock in the economic progress we have made together.”