Communist party backs Jeremy Corbyn as 'first step to a left-led government'

Posted On: 
24th April 2017

The Communist party today declared its backing for Labour at the general election, saying that victory for Jeremy Corbyn would be “the first step to a left-led government at Westminster”. 

General secretary Robert Griffiths said his party would not be standing any candidates but would instead offer campaigning support to Labour.

The Tories seized on the news to argue that Mr Corbyn was supported by a party who want to “close down businesses” and leave Nato.

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Announcing the move today, Mr Griffiths said: “In every general election since the formation of the CP in 1920, we have stood our own candidates, not least in 2015 when we fielded nine. 

“Now, on this occasion, we will not contest any seats, although this does not signal any withdrawal from the electoral arena in the future.

“We call for a Labour vote in every constituency across Britain, despite the reactionary views of numerous Labour party candidates. 

“Communist party organisations will approach local Labour party bodies in their area with offers of practical campaigning assistance.”

He added: “Our members will be campaigning for a Labour victory as the essential first step towards the formation of a left-led government at Westminster.”

Mr Griffiths also characterised the election as part of a “left-right struggle” within the Labour party itself, saying that Mr Corbyn will be “more secure” the more Labour MPs are elected.


Tory MP Amanda Milling claimed the Communists’ endorsement showed the risk of voting for Labour.

“Let this sink in: Jeremy Corbyn has been endorsed today by a party who want to close down businesses, leave the protection of Nato  and hike up taxes to a level never seen before in this country. 

“At this election every vote is going to count. Unless people get out there and vote for Theresa May and their local Conservative candidate, this man will be our Prime Minister in a little over 6 weeks – propped up by the Lib Dems and SNP in a coalition of chaos.”