Top Tory minister: Jeremy Corbyn would cripple Britain with Marxist experiment

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8th May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn will transform Britain into “the next hard-left experiment” based on the ideas of communist icon Karl Marx, a top Cabinet minister has said.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with the children of Labour candidate for Oxford East, Anneliese Dodds
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Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said the ideals of the historic political philosopher were “still common currency” in “Jeremy Corbyn’s Islington cabal”.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell - who in the past has declared himself a Marxist - yesterday said there was "a lot to learn" from his 19th century book ‘Das Kapital’.

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Writing in The Times, Mr Gauke said: “The collected works of Karl Marx tell us an awful lot about what the consequences of a future Labour government might be.

“Nonsensical in idea and catastrophic in implementation, the Marxist agenda that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have pursued for decades has proved disastrous for the people who have to endure its consequences.

“Test cases have led to poverty, disease and unhappiness whether it was in South America, Asia or closer to home in eastern Europe.”

He added: “John McDonnell’s most memorable economic achievement was throwing Mao’s little Red Book at the former chancellor in response to the Autumn Statement.

“It remains unknown which sacred text of socialism he would pass to Jean-Claude Juncker were they to face each other in the Brexit negotiations…

“Karl Marx may rest at ease in Highgate Cemetery, but his ideals are still common currency just a stone’s throw away with Jeremy Corbyn’s Islington cabal.”

The Conservatives claim Labour’s spending pledges so far would leave a £45bn black hole in the public finances, but Mr McDonnell branded the assertion “lies”.

“In common parlance, people would call what the Tories have published today lies,” he argued last week.

“I have got a reputation for being a hard-nosed bureaucrat – both in my professional life in the past and also politically

“I give this assurance. It is about a language of priorities. Our policies will be fully costed and their funding source will be identified.”