Tories take £1.5m more in donations than Labour in first week of election campaign

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18th May 2017

The Conservatives outgunned Labour in party donations by almost £1.5m in the first official week of the election campaign, official figures revealed today.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are on the hunt for donations ahead of the general election
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Theresa May saw £4.1m flow into Tory coffers between 3 and 9 May this year while Jeremy Corbyn saw £2.68 added to the Labour war chest.

The Liberal Democrats managed to attract just £180,000, while Ukip took £48,000, the Green party £15,000 and the Women’s Equality Party £20,500.

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The Conservatives raked in a number of six figure sums including £900,000 from John Griffin - chair of the Addison Lee taxi firm - and £500,000 from investment executive John C Armitage.

Labour meanwhile took £2.3m from its major backer Unite and a total of £262,000 from other unions.

Just six different donors handed cash to the Labour party while the Conservatives attracted money from 54 different names or organisations.

PoliticsHome revealed last week that Unite boss Len McCluskey - a firm backer of Mr Corbyn - has agreed to give Labour up to £4.5m to fight the general election and possibly more if needed.

It is understood that Labour is hoping to raise about £14m to fight the election but expects the Tories to amass £20m. 

Total donations for all parties amounted to more than £7m in the first week. Ahead of the 2015 general election almost £2.5m was reported to the Electoral Commission in the first campaign week.

By law parties must declare donations to central offices or candidates that exceed £7,500.