Jeremy Corbyn suggests foreign wars to blame for Manchester terror attack as election campaign resumes

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26th May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn will make a direct link between British military action abroad and Monday night's suicide bomb attack in Manchester as he re-starts Labour's general election campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed that NHS and police spending will not be cut under Labour.
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The Labour leader will also suggest that cuts to the police budget contributed to the atrocity, which saw 22 people killed and dozens more injured at an Ariana Grande concert in the city.

In a major speech this morning, Mr Corbyn will say the UK “must be brave enough to admit the ‘war on terror’ is simply not working” and that a Labour government would base its foreign policy on “solidarity, humanity and compassion”.

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His comments are likely to provoke a furious backlash from the Conservatives as well as many within his own party.

Speaking in London, Mr Corbyn will say Britain must "change what we do abroad".

"Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home.

“That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. Those terrorists will forever be reviled and held to account for their actions.

“But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people that fights rather than fuels terrorism.

“We must be brave enough to admit the 'war on terror' is simply not working. We need a smarter way to reduce the threat from countries that nurture terrorists and generate terrorism.”

The Labour leader will also pledge that a government led by him would protect the NHS and police from spending cuts, while providing extra cash for the security services if they ask for it.

Hitting back at those opponents who have questioned his patriotism, Mr Corbyn will say: “There can be no love of country if there is neglect or disregard for its people.

“No government can prevent every terrorist attack. If an individual is determined enough and callous enough sometimes they will get through.

“But the responsibility of government is to minimise that chance - to ensure the police have the resources they need, that our foreign policy reduces rather than increases the threat to this country and that at home we never surrender the freedoms we have won and that terrorists are so determined to take away.”