Jeremy Corbyn's attempts to woo the Mumsnet community completely backfires

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30th May 2017

Today was meant to be a good day for Jeremy Corbyn.

A selection of some of the reactions to Jeremy Corbyn's Mumsnet Q&A

After a strong performance on last night's Channel Four/Sky News live grilling, he was announcing a major policy to extend free childcare to families across the country.

An appearance on Radio Four's Women's Hour turned into a car crash this moening when he failed to answer when asked how much the policy would cost.

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Never mind, though. He had an online Q&A with Mumsnet at 12 noon, the perfect opportunity to turn it all around and win over a few more floating voters in the process, right?

Things got off to a sticky start when Corbyn turned up at 12.07pm, without so much as an apology for his tardiness.

Sensibly, he tried to quickly get audience onside: "Good afternoon, Jeremy Corbyn all present and correct at Mumsnet!"

Members had sent in hundreds of questions in preparation for the big event on a whole range of election issues. So naturally, the first question he chose to answer was one about why he had said he didn't like sugar the last time he joined them for a webchat.

"Great question!," he declared. "I do consume some sugar, we all do, my whole point was and is that too much sugar is placed in soft drinks, fast food and in particular, in children's dishes. Sugar can be bad and lead to diabetes and other conditions. Hence we need strong regulation of soft drinks and food additives."

Other questions followed on lowering the voting age, childcare costs (he finally managed to admit Labour's new flagship policy would cost £5.3bn a year by 2022), plans to tax the rich and his views on Donald Trump.

Asked for a "yes or no answer, no babble please" on whether he would stand down if Labour lost the election, he replied: "Proud to lead our party."

At precisely 12.32 - a full 25 minutes after arriving - Corbyn called time on the whole thing: "Thanks Mumsnet - I am running to catch a train and get a seat! Really sorry I couldn't stay longer."

Most of the Mumsnetters, it is fair to say, were unimpressed.

'Flipsticks' said: "Well that was a wash out!", while 'Bluntness100' asked: "Is that it?" 'AfunaMbtata' was more blunt: "What the actual f**k?!"

'ChestnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire' added: "Rubbish, just responded to a few arse lick comments and off he went. Bye then, you won't get my vote.",TheHoneyBadger said: "So he arrived late and left early? what did he spare - less than 20mins it appears." and Lemonjellymoonstar reacted: "Mumsnet why the bloody hell did you do this whole thing for a few short minutes ?! The f**k?!

For Jeremy Corbyn today, mum definitely isn't the word.