John McDonnell on ITV after Copeland and Stoke by-elections

Posted On: 
24th February 2017

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell spoke to ITV's Good Morning Britain about Labour's "mixed night" after it lost a by-election in Copeland but won in Stoke Central. 

Mr McDonnell insisted the unique importance of the nuclear industry in Copeland had led to Labour's defeat. 

“Over the last couple of elections the Labour vote has been declining. But in addition to that, the one big issue there was nuclear. The NHS was an issue that we campaigned on but the nuclear [issue] dominated and we couldn’t cut through on that one.

“They weren’t convinced that the party supported the nuclear industry… We couldn’t cut through on that one, so quite unique circumstances in Copeland...

“I’m really disappointed. I thought we ran a really good campaign, our candidate was excellent so we’ve got to listen to people in Copeland and elsewhere, we’ve got to learn these lesso...