Lucy Powell: Labour must show no place for anti-Semitism in party

Posted On: 
28th April 2016

Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell told BBC Radio 4's Today programme Labour had to do more to show there is no place for anti-Semitism in the party.

"We have got to do more to make sure people understand that anti-Semitism has no place either in the Labour party and British society. That is why we have an investigation under way, that is why we have a report due to be published which will clarify policies and guidelines that will ensure swift action is taken.​"

She said Labour condemned anti-Semitism and insisted action was taken quickly after allegedly anti-Semitic Facebook posts by MP Naz Shah became clear.

"The first thing to say is anybody in the Labour party, from Jeremy downwards, absolutely condemns and rejects anti-Semitism wherever it appears… if you look at what’s happened within just over 24 hours after these appalling and abhorrent posts became clear...