Jeremy Corbyn: Golden circle of media establishment obsessed with leadership talk

Posted On: 
3rd May 2016

Speaking to reporters, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said voters are more preoccupied with issues in their daily lives than rumours of a leadership coup, as he criticised the media for speculating about his future.

“They are talking about housing, they are talking about poverty, they’re talking about NHS cuts, they’re talking about zero-hours contracts, they’re talking about low wages, they’re talking about a crisis of expectation for young people. It’s time, quite honestly, that many in the golden circle of the media establishment actually got out a bit and listen to what people are saying.

“I think many of the media are obsessed with this, rather than what they should be obsessed with [which] is the devastating crisis of inequality in our society.”

He insisted that he would stand again for the leadership if an election was triggered within the party.

“I’m here, I’m going on.”

He added: “I’m ...