Heidi Alexander: Jeremy Corbyn legacy at risk if he clings on to untenable leadership

Posted On: 
3rd July 2016

Former shadow minister Heidi Alexander told Sky News' Murnaghan Jeremy Corbyn's legacy would be at risk if he decides to "cling on" to his "untenable" leadership.

"I think Jeremy over the last nine months has done some really important things for the Labour party. He has galvanised a new generation of young members; he has changed the terms of the debate about public spending and cuts, pointing out that short term cuts today have long term consequences. But I think his legacy is at risk if he continues to cling on to a leadership which is clearly untenable and is damaging the party and will be damaging for our country."

She argued there were issues with the running of the leader's office, and that Mr Corbyn deferred to much to his right-hand man John McDonnell.

"I saw those reports about his private office trying to keep the deputy leader Tom Watson away from meeting him on a one-to-...