John Woodcock tells Labour MPs: ‘We can’t go on like this’

Posted On: 
25th March 2016

John Woodcock has openly called for his colleagues to rally against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, telling Labour MPs: “We cannot go on like this”.

In a scathing attack on Mr Corbyn, the Barrow and Furness MP said his leadership was allowing the Tories “to wreak havoc on the country without properly being held to account”.

This comes after Mr Woodcock launched a furious tirade on the Labour leader following Prime Minister’s questions this week, branding him a “f****** disaster”.

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Writing in the Daily Mirror, the Labour MP, who has been a vocal critic of Mr Corbyn’s leadership, encouraged his party to change course or risk seeing families “being bled dry” by the Government.

“Jeremy is a nice man who is doing his best. But it is time to remember our loyalty actually lies to the people who desperately need a Labour government,” he wrote.

“For the sake of people being bled dry by a Government that thinks it has a divine right to rule, we simply cannot go on like this.”

Mr Woodcock’s explicit tweet earlier this week, which has since been deleted, came after a list ranking Labour MPs by loyalty was leaked to the Times.

The document rated Labour MPs as either 'core group', 'core group plus', 'neutral but not hostile', 'core group negative' or 'hostile'.

Mr Corbyn's office insisted they knew nothing about the document and said it had "no bearing in reality".

However, it is claimed Mr Corbyn's political secretary, Katy Clark, was behind the document.

Among those to be branded “hostile” in the list is Labour’s mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, Chief Whip Rosie Winterton and Mr Woodcock.

After Mr Cameron used the document to poke fun at Mr Corbyn in the Commons on Wednesday, Mr Woodcock tweeted: “******* disaster. Worse week for Cameron since he came in and that stupid ******* list makes us into a laughing stock”.

Referring back to the list, the Labour MP wrote in the Mirror: “The foolish decision to label MPs who just want the best for their party and the people they represent with offensive names was deeply counter-productive,” Mr Woodcock said.

“The machinations it revealed - and the fiasco it produced in the House of Commons - has probably propelled many more people into the ‘Hostile’ camp.”