Jeremy Corbyn urged to act over Momentum mental health jibe

Posted On: 
26th March 2016

Jeremy Corbyn was today urged to take action after a group of his supporters appeared to mock the mental health of a Labour MP.

Momentum was set up as a continuation of Jeremy Corbyn's successful leadership campaign

The Manchester branch of Momentum used its Twitter feed to hit out at John Woodcock after he called on Mr Corbyn to stand down.

The Barrow MP has spoken in the past about being treated for depression.

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Kevan Jones hits back at Jeremy Hardy over mental health jibe

The late-night tweet sparked a furious online backlash, prompting an apology from the group this morning.

Mr Woodcock told PoliticsHome: "I knew this kind of thing would occasionally happen after I chose to be open about being treated for depression, but the immediate and widespread condemnation of Momentum's slur is an encouraging sign that attitudes towards mental health are changing for the better.

"As for Momentum, this is another example of their malign influence on the Labour party. I am sure this isn't what Jeremy had intended when his team established the organisation so I hope he acts now."


The row comes just days after Mr Corbyn codemned one of his celebrity supporters for making a joke about another Labour MP's battle with mental illness.

Left-wing comic Jeremy Hardy said former defence minister Kevan Jones' support for the renewal of Trident proved he had depression.

In a letter to Mr Jones, the Labour leader said there was "no excuse" for Mr Hardy's "categorically disrespectful" remarks.