Embarrassment for Jeremy Corbyn over 'missing' tax return form

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11th April 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's calls for all MPs to publish their tax returns backfired today after it emerged he does not have a copy of his own.

A picture of Jeremy Corbyn's former office in the Commons, taken in 2014
Jack Lawson

A spokesman for the Labour leader confirmed to PoliticsHome that he sent the only version to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

He said Mr Corbyn's office was "working on it" and hoped to publicise the paperwork as soon as possible.

Jeremy Corbyn: Political candidates and journalists should publish tax returns

David Cameron calls on George Osborne to publish his tax returns

David Cameron publishes tax return information

Mr Corbyn has led the call for greater transparency from the Prime Minister in the wake of the Panama Papers revelations, and six days ago vowed to publish his own returns.

On Saturday, he said it would be made public "very soon" and insisted: "There's no surprises there."

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show yesterday, Mr Corbyn said: "There has to be trust in people in public office. You have to know what they are earning, where it comes from and what influences come as a result of that."

But while David Cameron released details of his own tax returns yesterday, Mr Corbyn's have still not appeared.

His spokesman today confirmed the Labour leader was still trying to track it down. He said: "If you're an MP you have to submit a paper tax return, which he did. He hasn't got a copy of it, so we're working on it."

Asked if it might be published today, the spokesman said: "Hopefully, but as soon as possible."

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said: "He does his own tax returns, I believe. He submitted and I think he’s trying to get it back from HMRC."

Mr Corbyn faced ridicule on social media today over the gaffe.